TUFFSTUDD Wear Protection System

Tuffstudd Wear Protection System is a proven product in protecting equipment exposed to
high wear and abrasion. The Tuffstudd System has had excellent results protecting mining,
construction and aggregate equipment over other methods of wear protection.
Some other methods of wear protection are hard facing, AR plate, Hardox plate, weld buttons
and shrouds. The Tuffstudd System has been used in conjunction with and as an alternative to
these other methods.

Product Features:

Dead Bed Effect – Tuffstudds are applied in a staggered pattern that captures material between
the studs resulting in material wearing on material versus material wearing on the equipment.
Tuffstudds have a height profile ranging from 3/8 to 5/8.
Equipment Life – The split second time to weld a Tuffstudd minimizes the heat input to the base
metal (i.e. Your equipment) thereby reducing stress, distortion and warping.

Tuffstudds have a hardness of 50 to 60 Rc. Tuffstudds increase service life up to 3 times longer
than non-studded surfaces, reducing equipment downtime and component replacement costs.
Fast Installation – An achievable welding rate of 200 Tuffstudds per hour correlates to coverage
area of 1.43 to 2.86 square feet per hour and the deposition of 7.4 to 18 pounds per hour.

Replacement – Repair and re-stud previously studded surfaces.
Safety – Compared to other welding processes, stud welding is virtually smokeless and the arc
flash is much shorter and partially covered.

Realizable Benefits:

Increased life of material handling and processing equipment.
Reduced wear protection installation costs.
Reduced equipment maintenance costs.
Reduced equipment downtime.

Some Proven Tuffstudd Applications Include:

Dragline buckets & Dippers
Shovel and Loader Buckets
Dozer Blades
Gyratory Crushers
Roll Crushers
Discharge Chutes

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