New Equipment

Complete Stud Welding is happy to offer many options for purchasing Stud Welding Equipment. For purchasing inquiries, shoot us a message

  • Equipment – Process & Capability Summary
  • CD Equipment
  • ARC Equipment
  • Short Cycle Equipment – See ARC Equipment
  • Auto Feed Equipment
  • CNC Systems

Rent Stud Welders

Complete Stud Welding has CD, ARC and Short Cycle stud welders available for rent to satisfy all applications.

Common stud types / applications are listed below:

CD Applications:

  • CD Threaded Studs
  • CD Non Threaded Studs
  • CD Tap Studs
  • CD Cable Tie Bases
  • CD Weld Pins
  • Insulation Pins
  • Power Point Pins
  • Cupped Head Pins
  • Tap Studs

Short Cycle (SC) Applications:

  • SC & CD Studs all types
  • SC Collar Studs

ARC Applications:

  • Headed Concrete Anchors
  • Headed Shear Connectors
  • Weld Thru Deck
  • Deformed Bar Anchors
  • Threaded Weld Studs
  • Non Threaded Weld Studs
  • Boiler Tube Pins
  • Rectangular Weld Studs
  • Collar Studs
  • Shoulder Studs

We accept most major credit cards or we can assist with the credit approval process.

We have a full line of weld studs and accessories to go with your Stud Welder Rental!

For rental inquiries, get in touch with us! We’ll see what we can do to help out!