TWE 1700 Heavy Duty Stud Gun


The TWE17000 has been designed to fit comfortably for all hands, including when wearing a work
glove. The neck of the handle has been tapered so that when grasped, the trigger can be accessed easily,
without any unnecessary strain. The handle length allows for better balance of the stud gun and it
keeps the welding cable and connector away from your hand, minimizing operator fatigue.


TWE 1700 Heavy Duty Stud Gun_2

The TWE17000 heavy duty stud gun has a welding range from 1/8” through 1‐1/4” diameter studs.


The TWE17000 is approximately 8.5” long
from the weld cable to the back cap, and approximately 7” long from the top of the stud gun to the bottom of the handle. The overall weight of the stud gun is approximately 15 pounds ( with 8.5 feet of 4/0 weld cable and 8 feet of control cable (This also includes all connectors, legs, and foot piece.).

The TWE17000 can be ordered to operate with any type of stud welding equipment. Simply specify the
make and model of your equipment and we will provide you with a stud gun connection that is compatible
with you unit, regardless of the manufacturer.

Order your TWE17000 Heavy Duty Stud Gun from your local TRU‐WELD Equipment Distributor.

** Specifications are subject to change without prior notice