Short Cycle Weld Studs

Short Cycle Weld Studs – Technical Details

Threaded & No Thread Short Cycle (SC) Weld Studs: Complete Stud Welding has various sizes of
externally and internally threaded weld studs and various sizes of no thread weld studs. These
weld studs are used in various automotive and industrial applications.

Threads: The chart below depicts the thread standards for imperial and metric external and
internal threads. Unless requested or quoted otherwise, threads will be quoted based on these
common thread standards.

Unless indicated or quoted otherwise, external threads will be a rolled type thread. The strength
and surface finish of rolled threads are considered to be superior to cut type threads.

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Auto Feed Quality: All SC weld studs are available in auto feed quality. This allows for usage in
auto feed stud welding systems. Auto feed hand guns and weld heads are available with the
power source(s) and feeding equipment for incorporation into automated CNC and robotic
systems. Auto feed quality should be requested at the time of quotation.

Material: The chart below depicts the common material types with corresponding typical
tensile strengths used to produce SC Weld Studs.

Note, all externally threaded mild steel SC studs are copper flashed / plated.

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Short Cycle Weld Studs – Technical Details

Plating: For mild steel studs, copper plating is standard for externally threaded studs.
Upon request Nickel, Zinc and other plating’s are available.

Annealing: All low carbon steel and stainless steel studs are annealed where required.

Weld Base: Studs are available in the Flanged condition. Other flange diameters and
weld base dimensions are quoted upon request.

Length Reduction: SC Studs have an approximate length reduction from welding of
0.030 inches.

Flux: SC Studs are not flux loaded.

Shielding: The SC Process does not require shielding gas up through 1/4” diameter studs,
however, in most cases it is recommended to use a shielding gas.

Welding Position: SC Studs can be welded in the down hand, side hand and overhead
positions. In the side hand and overhead positions this becomes increasingly more difficult
as the stud diameter increases.

Available Sizes: SC studs are available in diameters up through 1/2” (M12) and length is
not a limitation. SC studs over 3/8” Diameter typically do not have a flange and are made
to order.

Visual Inspection: The weld is acceptable if a 360 degree weld flash is present.

Mechanical Testing: Testing can be done by bend testing or torque testing.
The bend test should be done by bending the stud 30 degrees by striking with a hammer
or bending with a pipe.