TWP 2 Capacitor Discharge Pin Welder


Pin Welder Description
Incorporates the latest solid state technology into
a compact and rugged, portable CD Pin Welder.
This system has the capacity to weld pins
(including Cup Head pins) up to 10‐gauge and CD
Studs up to #10.

TWP 2 Capacitor Discharge Pin Welder_Chart

Operational and Safety Features

• LED Voltage Meter
• Safety Shutdown
• Cooling Fan
• Front‐Panel Informational LED’s
• Dial‐Down weld voltage control



• Digital DC voltage readout (allows for more accurate and repeatable weld settings).
• Cooling fan for increased efficiency.
• Dial‐down DC voltage setting (no need to turn off the unit when resetting to a lower voltage).
• Only 15 amp circuit requirement (unit fused @ 15 amps).
• Terminal connections on the capacitor are over 5/8” in diameter for a good seat of the terminal buss bars to increase reliability.
• The terminal connections on the capacitor have 1/4‐28 socket set screws inserted into each one. The socket set screw is used to make the
connection to the buss bar. This eliminates damaging the threads in the aluminum connectors of the capacitor, ensuring a solid connection.
• Rigid internal construction connecting the entire internal unit to the front and rear panels minimizes the opportunity of the components
coming loose during handling or operations.
• The TWE‐Pin Welder is mounted in a rugged outer case for greater durability, texture, and appearance.
• The TWE‐Pin Welder weighs less than 13 pounds for ease of carrying.
• Stud Guns are ergonomically designed for better hand fit and comfort (reduces operator fatigue for increased weld repeatability).
• Stud Guns have a permanent internal spring with easy adjustment for various spring pressures allowing an increased opportunity to apply
the correct spring pressure to the weld (no need for a variety of different springs for various applications).
• Stud Guns can be configured for “B” Collets, “CI” Collets, Euro Collets or standard tapered chucks.